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Propaganda Posters

 Activity 1

Go to the one of the websites and locate a poster from World War II.  Use this worksheet and analyze one of the posters from the websites below.



Powers of Persuasion


Every Citizen a Soldier

Be complete and thorough in your analysis.


Activity 2

1.      Create a propaganda “powerpoint page” for one important contemporary topic mentioned below or school appropriate topic of your choice.  The poster must be formatted in powerpoint and will be graded on the student’s use of color, images and words, and readability when projected.  Neatness will also factor into the final grade. 

2.      The students may create a page for one of the following topics:

·        Skateboarding is not a crime

·        HIV/AIDS prevention or other STD education

·        Reduce childhood obesity

·        Safe driving

·        Recycling and environmental protection

·        Anti drug message

·        Anti smoking message

·        Stop teen pregnancy

·        Other approved topic of your choice


3.      Do an analysis on your own poster just like you did with the war poster

 Use this worksheet

4.      The poster will be graded according to the criteria outlined on the rubric.