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History of the Random Acts of Kindness Club at Cedarcrest High School
By Peggy Filer, RAK Staff Advisor

  • 1990s -Kerry Gould, former CHS Health teacher, showed a copy of Oprah’s RAK episode.  She then assigned students an act of kindness.

  • 2000 – Samantha Ritter and Hadley Rose, two senior girls, asked me to be the sponsor of a new club at Cedarcrest.  They said it was the Random Acts of Kindness Club.  When I asked what we would do, they laughed and said, “We don’t know – it’s random!!”  Our first meeting had 5 people plus me.

  • 2001 - Personal products drive every November to help a local non-profit, Hopelink.

  • 2002 - RAK members gives out “I AM LOVED” buttons every Valentine’s Day to the whole student body.  This started around 2002 when two girls said “I hate Valentine’s Day.”  When I asked why they said, “Because nobody loves me.”  I said, “Shut up!!  I love you” and gave them each a red I AM LOVED button my husband had gotten from a jewelry store.  Every year since then the manager has given me over 800 buttons to give the kids.  It’s a great tradition!

  • 2003 -  Leanne Christensen, Super Parent, Amazing Volunteer, and Expert Spotlight PR person writes amazing articles about our club for the local papers.  Without her, nobody except the students would know we exist!!  Click on the fallowing link to read her articles, Duvall Random Acts of Kindness

  • 2003 - Each spring for the past several years the RAK kids  play Miracle League Baseball where they are the “buddies” playing baseball with children with disabilities.  The kids LOVE this one.  We usually have students from other clubs join us because it has such a fun reputation.

  • 2004 - Bought a foster child a bicylce.

  • 2007 - Inspired local superwoman, Connie Berg, to create Random Acts of Kindness Week in Duvall and surrounding communities.  She also has an awesome website, rakduvall.com, that a woman in Vincennes, Indiana saw.  After she contacted Connie, who contacted me, this middle school teacher started a Random Acts of Kindness Club at her middle school. Connie was inspired after reading about Cedarcrest RAK activities in the local paper.

  • 2008 - We started a tradition of going to the local Mexican restaurant once a month or so and eat together as a group.  When we’re finished we pool a few extra dollars and pick a table to buy their meals.  It has been so fun for the kids to see the reaction.  The last time we were there, 16 of us were enjoying ourselves eating and treating, and the owner came up and said someone had treated ALL of us!  We were shocked and one freshman boy said, “Now we know how it feels!  I want to be kind all day!”   Read Cedarcest Students Find that Kindness is Truly Contagious  by Leanne Christensen to find out more.

  • 2009 - Started BUSTED on our school website.  Staff, and sometimes students, catch someone being kind and bust them.  They then get their picture and a short description of their kindness on the website.  Kids love being busted! This website was inspired by a school (Kenston High School) in Chagrin Falls Ohio, and Cedarcrest’s Mr. Hall was kind enough to lend his support and train his students to help.

  • 2009 - We adopted the downtown area of our home town, Duvall, WA to clean up.  We got groovy orange vests and nifty nappers so we look very cool picking up our town.  The kids and staff really enjoy this.  I especially enjoy working with my garbage girls, Debra Frost, our registrar, and her sister, Linda Bjornsen, our head secretary.  They ALWAYS volunteer to help. 

  • 2011 - In the fall of 2011, Leanne Christensen nominated our Random Acts of Kindness group at Cedarcrest High School for the Kindness Challenge and was told that out of 55 nominations, we were one of the three winners! They sent a videographer all the way from San Francisco, to film us “in action” on April 27. That same day we had our first ever Random Acts of Kindness assembly to honor everyone who has helped spread kindness in our community. There was a competition to benefit Hopelink in Carnation between all sixth period classes during the week of April 23-27, 2012. We collected the basic necessities – nonperishable food, gently used clothing, and personal products. The class with the greatest amount of donations was honored at the assembly and treated to cookies from the C.H.S. Cookie Patrol. The goal was for each class will come to the assembly carrying pounds of items and fill the gym floor with donations. The next week, a total of 11 students donated their time into helping Mrs. Filer unload a massive amount of clothes and products for Hopelink out of the back of the delivery truck. There were a lot of items donated by Cedarcrest students. Read "Storytellers for 'Good' Visit Cedarcrest" by Leanne Christensen.

  • 2011 - We raised $3,500 for a well in Africa in the Spring of 2011.

  • 2012 – Cedarcrest RAK Club is one of three national winners selected from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, which recognizes kindness. 

  • 2012 - We organized a Kindness Week at Cedarcrest High School to coincide with Random Acts of Kindness Week in Duvall, WA.  We did 500 Acts of Kindness and donated 65 coats, in addition to encouraging kids to switch seats at lunch, giving cookies and pizza to unsuspecting kids at lunch, Be Extra Kind to Freshman Day, Gratitude Day, etc. 

  • 2013 - Multiple Clubs at Cedarcrest come together to promote kindness at our school during the Month of March. To learn more read the Valley Record.

  • 2013 - Random Act of Kindness Week (March 4-8)

    • Manners Monday-  Be extra polite to each other.  Go a little crazy!

    • Red T-shirt Tuesday – Wear your RAK T-shirt or anything red. 

    • Wanna Dance Wednesday – Bring a can of food for Hopelink Wednesday and come dance with us in the gym during advisory.  It will be amazing.  After school we are hosting the Eagle Rock kids doing an art project in the LRC here.  Please sign up in Mrs. Filer’s room to help be a “Big Buddy” from 2 – 2:30PM.

    • Thankful Thursday – Write a letter of gratitude to a family member, friend, or former school worker who has inspired you.  3PM – Groovy Orange Vest clean up.  Sign up in Filer’s room. 

    • Freshmen Friday – Be extra nice to freshmen!  Ixtapa at 2:20!

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