(sample--"bad news" answer a request letter)







Your "buffer" paragraph--do not give the "bad news" in the opening paragraph.

Explain WHY before you tell or infer the bad news that the guarantee will not cover the repair.
Always try to tell  what you CAN do to help solve the problem.
End with your CALL FOR ACTION and a positive statement.

Benson Bike Shop
123 First Avenue
Redmond, WA  98053-3345

October 11, 2010

Mr. John Anderson
1528 NE 173rd Avenue
Woodinville, WA  98072

Dear Mr. Anderson

Thank you for your letter of September 15. We appreciate your inquiry concerning your Benson 500 motorcycle. We want to satisfy our customers with high-quality products and service.

The Benson Bike Shop carries a one-year warrantee on all parts and labor under normal usage. Page 6 of your owner's manual states that 2-cycle engine oil and unleaded gasoline must be used for the warrantee to be in effect. Our inspection of you motorcycle engine showed that 10W30 oil had been used, along with leaded gasoline. The use of incorrect oil and gasoline has caused the problems you are experiencing.

Our skilled technicians can repair your motorcycle engine at the usual rate. The repairs are guaranteed for 90 days. We are confident that we can restore your engine to excellent working condition, and we would be happy to answer any maintenance questions you may have.

Please call our repair center at 425-564-7889 to tell us if you would like us to proceed with the repairs. As soon as your engine is repaired you will be able to enjoy riding your Benson 500 once again.


Michael Simmons
Benson Service Center