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Digital Communication Tools

Daily Activities and Assignments

Curriculum Presentation Timeline

Letter Formats

Block Format Modified Block Format
Examples of address lines
Writing Business Letters
Resumes, Letters of Application, and Follow-up Letters

5th Avenue Theatre Letter Assignment 


Halloween Website Projects
Halloween website assignment checklist

Wars in American History--Part 1
American Revolution
Civil War  
World War II

Wars in American History--Part 2

  Color Cop for web pages

Scoring timing tests

Manuscript Report Format
References and Citations
Yahoo! Finance
Mortgage and Other Financial Calculators
Relocator Calculator
Interview Form
Business Vocabulary
Grammar Rules
Spreadsheet Review Questions
Career Project Links
    WOIS     MPA633
    Occupation Outlook Handbook
    America's CareerOneStop
    Riley Guide
    Monster Trak
    Yahoo! Hotjobs
    USA Jobs

Publisher -- Apple Pie assignment

Web Publishing

Curleys Halloween Images

Angelfire Images

Mouse tail code

Halloween Checklist


Assignment List
Daily Activities and Assignments

Self -Evaluation  Form
Duvall Days
Wild Life Art
Mr. Moran
Sports Medicine

Financial Planning

Daily Activities and Assignments
Yahoo Finance
TD Ameritrade
Retirement Estimator
Small Claims Court
Checkbook Assignment
Check Writing Instructions
Bank Statement
Checkbook 902_905
Elements of a Binding Contract
       Block Format for letters
Internal Revenue Service Tax Forms
Washington State Dept. of Labor and Industries Interest Rates

History of Interest Rates
Refinance Mortgage Calculator Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage and Other Financial

Seattle Times Apartment/Home Rentals
Coldwell Banker Home Listings
Windemere Real Estate Listings
Bankrate Cost of Living Relocater
Homefair Cost of Living Relocater


Assignment/Test List

Accounting History
Daily Activities and Assignments

Accounting Terms You Should Know
South-Western Accounting Web Site

John Wooden's  Pyramid of Success
Retired UCLA Basketball Coach, 10 National Championships in 12 Years

 FP 0910