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Marc Hillestad, Advisor


DECA prepares high school students to become emerging leaders and entrepreneurs through competitive events, comunity service, leadership opportunities and industry connections.

We are powered by teachers, students, parents and business partners uniting to grow the next generation of leaders.

DECA's leadership and entrepreneurship solutions are proven to take students to the next level.

DECA meetings are held during Advisory. Optional activites and meetings take place outside of the school day.




TO: Marketing/DECA Parents and CHS COMMUNITY


FROM: Marc Hillestad, DECA Advisor, Hunter Korf and Nathan Rhodes, Chapter Co-Presidents




A very important component of Marketing Education is preparing students for the adult business world they will be entering. Part of that learning experience comes from presenting themselves and their marketing solutions in case study/role play situations. We hope you have a great time and go away impressed with the quality of young people in our communities. We firmly believe that these young people are NOT our future; they are our present and their involvement and accountability in life is required now.


The main purpose of Marketing/DECA is to provide an environment for students to learn and then demonstrate competence in specific skills. These young people are discovering that knowledge by itself is not power; competence in applied skills is power!


Marketing/DECA moves the student from “sit and get” learning to “application learning.” There is still a little lecture in the classes, however to be competitive in today’s world economy those who “can do” and do it well, will win and for that reason we emphasize application of material. Bridging marketing skills with student career interests can add up to a productive and satisfying life. Every student in high school will be involved in some form of business after post secondary training. DECA and DECA competition helps a student develop a “can do” attitude.


The best analogy we can give about DECA is that it is the “varsity sport for business”. Each case study/role play is a “real world” situation in which the student has the opportunity (through a role-play) to present to our judge(s) what one believes to be the best solution(s) to the given case study. Each student picks an event(s) to participate in and will be spending time in December learning and practicing solutions to thier specific chosen business environment.


On January 5, 2018 over 1200 marketing students from Cedarcrest High School, the Mercer Island, Northshore and Lake Washington School Districts, as well as Eastside Catholic High School will meet at the Meydenbauer Convention Center and be given an opportunity to “show their marketing stuff” and compete with other students to see who gets to move on to the state DECA/marketing competition (for scholarships, travel awards, prizes, and recognition).


Area competition will need 120 judges January 5 from 7:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. This memo is asking you to become a volunteer judge or helper for the day. The event cannot happen without volunteers.


The events which Cedarcrest has been assigned to judge are the Business Services, Business, and Quick Serve Restaurant events. We need 25-30 judges this year. Below is a link to the DECA judge video created by Washington DECA that you may view to see more of what is expected of judges: https://vimeo.com/121201537


For more information about DECA go to www.deca.org or www.wadeca.org


If you are willing and able to assist as a judge or have other questions, please contact CHS DECA Advisor Marc Hillestad at hillestadm@rsd407.org.


Thank you for your support of DECA and the students at CHS.