Review of the 2010 season

Meet Results        Banquet Presentation

Season Bests


Boys Team

Girls Team

Cascade league meets

8 - 3

7 - 4

Cascade Conference 


88 points

4th place

75.5 points

6th place

Northwest 2A District


35 points

11th place 

13 points

14th place 

State 2A


6 points

27th place

5 points

33rd place


Season Highlights:

1)    State qualifiers in 5 events.  Kenny Bates - 3rd place in javelin.  Ashton Griffen - 4th place in javelin

            4x400m relay team of Tyler Erickson, Austin Koons, Hernan Farias, Clay Hammontree, Josh Denison

            and Lukas Vrbka placed 11th.  Jackson Pleis (Triple jump) placed 13th.  Nick van Veen (110m HH)

            placed 14th.

This makes the third instance when a boy and girl placed at the same state meet in the same event.

Use this link State Placers to research the other two instances.


2) School record by Ashton Griffen in javelin.


3) Cascade League Champions: Boys: Nick van Veen (110m HH), 4x400m relay team.  Girls: Ashton Griffen (javelin).


4)  Northwest District Champions:  Boys: Kenny Bates (javelin)    Girls: Ashton Griffen (javelin)

    District Placers:  Boys:  Seven events.    Girls:  Three events.


5)  70 athletes finished the season.  Second most ever.