Review of the 1999 season

Meet Results


Boys Team

Girls Team

Kingco League Meet Record

  6 - 3

2 - 9

Kingco League Championships:

Team & Highest Individual

4th place - 95 pts.

James Conrick - 4th

8th place - 218 pts.

Kelly Ramirez - 13th

SeaKing District Championships:

Team & Highest Individual

9th - 224 pts.

James Conrick - 7th

No team

Kelly Ramirez - 20th

State Meet Championships:

Team & Highest Individual

No team

James Conrick - 21st

No team

Kelly Ramirez - 34th


Other highlights from the 1999 season

#1. James Conrick finish All-Kingco. Eric Pedeferri and Kelly Ramirez one place from All-Kingco.

#2. Four boys, James Conrick, Eric Pedeferri, Danny Abell, Chris Lee finish in Top 18 at Kingco's.

#3. CHS Boys team and two girls, Kelly Ramirez and Yingxuan Law qualify for SeaKing District Championships.

#4. Largest turnout - 25 athletes.

#5. The girls team fields a complete team in every meet.