Review of the 2000 season


Meet Results

Team Roster

Time Trial Results


Boys Team

Girls Team

Kingco League Meet Record

  6 - 0

0 - 6

Kingco League Championships:

Team & Highest Individual

3rd place - 93 pts.

James Conrick - League Champion

6th place - 162 pts.

Kelly Ramirez - 5th

SeaKing District Championships:

Team & Highest Individual

8th - 224 pts.

James Conrick - 6th

11th - 284 pts.

Kelly Ramirez - 9th

State Meet Championships:

Team & Highest Individual

No team

James Conrick - 3rd

No team

Kelly Ramirez - 27th


Other highlights from the 2000 season

#1. Senior James Conrick finishes a great career.

Kingco League Champion. First CHS individual to win League Championship.

3rd place at state meet. Highest CHS individual at state meet.

#2. James Conrick, Chris Lee and Kelly Ramirez finish All-Kingco. Danny Abell one place from All-Kingco.

#3. Both boys and girls team qualify for SeaKing District Championships. Third year in a row for the boys team. First time ever for the girls team.

#4. Boys (8th) and girls (11th) team finish their highest district finish at the SeaKing District meet.

#5. James Conrick and Kelly Ramirez qualify for the state meet. It's James' 3rd meet and Kelly's 2nd meet.