Review of the 2006 season

Meet Results

Team Roster

Time Trial

End of Season 1600m

Banquet Presentation

Boys Team

Girls Team

Cascade Conference meet Record

  4 - 4

0 - 8

Cascade Conference Championships:

Team & Highest Individual

6th Place - 137 pts.

Cullen Hammontree - 16th

6th Place - 117 pts.

Caitlin Ramirez - 4th


Northwest District Championships:

Team & Highest Individual

8th Place - 253 pts.

Cullen Hammontree - 34th

8th Place - 183 pts.

Caitlin Ramirez - 14th


State Meet Championships:

Team & Highest Individual

No team

No individuals

No team

Caitlin Ramirez - 55th



Other season Facts:

1)  Caitlin Ramirez makes Cascade Conference All-League and qualifies for state.  All of this is for the third time.

2)  Largest team in school history as CHS finishes the season with 25 runners.

3)  Another successful Riverview Elementary Invite with 70 runners.