Review of the 2008 season



Meet Results

Banquet Presentation

Team Roster

Season End 1600m

Time Trial

Second Time Trial


Boys Team

Girls Team

Cascade Conference meet Record

  5 - 4

7 - 2

Cascade Conference Championships:

Team & Highest Individual

2nd Place - 60 pts.

Tony Minaglia - 6th

1st Place - 36 pts.

Cara Strodel – 1st

Northwest District Championships:

Team & Highest Individual

6th Place - 184 pts.

 Sam Grady - 26th

1st Place - 48 pts.

 Cara Strodel - 5th

State Meet Championships:

Team & Highest Individual

No team

No individuals

2nd Place - 99 pts.

 Cara Strodel - 10th


Other season Facts:

1)  Girls squad qualifies for state for the second time.

2)  Largest turnout in CXC history.  Started with 48 athletes.  Finished with 45 athletes.

3)  Seven athletes make All-Conference teams.  Cara Strodel, Missy Dowd, Mariah Pyle, Tia Smith & Tony Minaglia make First Team.  Sam Grady and Hayden Teachout make Second Team.