Review of the 2010 season





Meet Results

Banquet Presentation

Team Roster

Midnight Mile

Season End 1600m

Time Trial

Time Trial # 2


Boys Team

Girls Team

Cascade Conference meet Record

  12 - 1

13 - 0

Cascade Conference Championships:

Team & Highest Individual

1st Place - 53 pts.

Mitchell Montgomery - 8th

1st Place - 47 pts.

Cara Strodel – 1st

Northwest District Championships:

Team & Highest Individual

4th Place - 106 pts.

 Mitchell Montgomery - 13th 

3rd place - 121 pts.

 Cara Strodel - 2nd

State Meet Championships:

Team & Highest Individual

6th Place - 199 pts.

Mitchell Montgomery - 25th

 9th Place - 214 pts.

 Cara Strodel - 7th


Other season Facts:

1)  Finish the season with 49 athletes. 

2)  Seven athletes make All-Conference teams.  Cara Strodel makes First Team. 

    Mitchell Montgomery, Logan Orndorf, Chad Linerooth, Josh Denison,

    Amelia Anderson & Diana Carr make Second Team.

3)  Girls squad qualifies for state for the fourth consecutive time.

4)   Boys squad qualifies for state for the first time in CXC history.

5)  Cara makes the State meet podium for the fourth time. 

6)  Cara makes All-State for the third time.